Based in Cambridge, MA and Berlin, Germany, Cytolon is a digital health company introducing a unique product offering into an exciting new area: patient empowerment in the context of clinical trials.

Cytolon is an incubator for patient empowerment providing tangible benefit to patients, clinicians and industry alike. Our unique subscription-based software as a service platform will build a new level of transparency and trust across the pharmaceutical industry while providing insight into long-term health trends and treatment efficacy.

Our Commitment to Excellence

  • Establish a unique partnership between patients, investigators, and pharma
  • Grant users access to unique services, e.g. opt-in for personalized services whilst keeping privacy protected
  • On-going patient engagement before, during, and after clinical trial, e.g. by returning personal healthcare data and providing patient-friendly trial summaries
  • Collect and manage patient data, e.g. by sharing personal healthcare data with friends and family or even donating personal data to research

To learn about Cytolon's other projects, please select the following links PIRCHE and CordMatch.

Software As A Service

Patients As Partners

Our proprietary patent-pending interplay of data return with other digital services will drive the future of patients and their caregivers as partners with industry in research and development.

Working With the Best

Cytolon is engaged with top-tier pharmaceutical companies to pilot on the final product design. The Cytolon Patient Engagement Platform will be launched in 2015 offering a subscription-based software as a service model to pharmaceutical industry.

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United States Office

Cytolon, LLC
One Broadway, 14th Floor
Cambridge, MA 02142
United States of America

European Office

Cytolon AG
Am Karlsbad 15
10785 Berlin, Germany
European Union