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Matching the Power

of Precision Medicine

Based in Cambridge, MA and Berlin, Germany, Cytolon is a digital health company introducing a unique product offering into an exciting new area: patient engagement in the context of clinical trials.

The Health Engine’s purpose is to place the patient at center stage in clinical development, a demanding challenge for which the pharmaceutical industry currently has no clear solution. Interactive engagement in the form of a bi-directional dialogue of industry with patients, their caregivers or their advocacy organization as partners is missing.

Learn more about Cytolon's proprietary Cordmatch® platform and the exclusively licensed PIRCHE™ technology.

Close the Loop with Data Return

The Health Engine offers the next level of data aggregation and data exchange services between pharmaceutical companies and patients in clinical trials and beyond.

The pivotal service offered by the Health Engine is data return to clinical trial patients. This is the quid pro quo to turn nameless subjects of clinical research into partners of the pharmaceutical industry.

Software As A Service

Patients As Partners

Our proprietary patent-pending interplay of data return with other digital services will drive the future of patients and their caregivers as partners with industry in research and development

Working With the Best

Cytolon is engaged with top-tier pharmaceutical companies to pilot on the final product design. The launch will be in 2015 offering the Health Engine on a subscription based software as a service model to pharmaceutical industry.

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Cytolon at 1 Broadway 14th Floor, Cambridge, MA